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Download my CV. You can learn more about my research by downloading the papers on this page, by visiting my SSRN author’s page, my Stanford page, or my Google Scholar page.


Stanford University, Department of Management Science & Engineering                                   
Associate Professor, 2017 - present
Assistant Professor, 2009 - 2017
Faculty Member in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, 2005-2009
Ph.D., Behavioral and Policy Sciences Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2009)

Duke University, 1998-2002 Durham, North Carolina
B.S., Major: Biological Basis of Behavior (Individualized)
School for International Training - Fall 2000 Study Abroad. North India.

Awards and Honors                                                                      

2019 Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) Visiting Fellowship, Technical University of Munich

2018  Technical University of Munich Research Excellence Award

2017   MS&E Undergraduate Teaching Award
2016   Schulze Publication Award (Outstanding Teaching and Education Publication)
2015   Inaugural Richard Schulze Distinguished Professorship Award
2014   Kauffman-Nesta Research Grant
2013   Fellowship Award from the Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU)
2012   Winner, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 2012 Research Fund for International Young Scientists
2009  University of Virginia (UVA) Darden School of Business, Batten Institute Fellow Award
2010   Winner, Best Dissertation Award. Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) Division, AOM
2008  Kauffman Foundation Award Dissertation Fellowship
2008  Best Student Paper award from the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
2007 Research Grant


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Publications Under Peer Review                                                            

Wu, Willow; Eesley, Charles E.; Yang, Delin. Changing Entrepreneurial Strategies to Developing Capitalist Institutions. R&R at Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. (Winner, Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management, top 10% of papers, 2017).

Armanios, D., Eesley, C. The Institutional Infrastructure for Change: How Does Institutional Change Reduce Knowledge Barriers to Entrepreneurship? (December 12, 2017). Available at SSRN:, Under Review.

D. Yang, C.E. Eesley, X. Tian, X. Yang, Institutionalized Choice and Training for Entrepreneurship?: Evidence from China, Under Review.

Eesley, Charles E. and Wu, Lynn, Entrepreneurial Adaptation and Social Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on a MOOC Platform. (Winner, best PDW at AOM, Anaheim, 2016). Under review.

C.E. Eesley, DH Hsu, EB Roberts. “Influences of Idea Source, Organization, and Commercialization Context on Venture Performance” R&R at SMJ.

Book Chapters                                                                                           

Choi, Joon Nak; Eesley, C.E. 2016. Brain Drain, Circulation and Linkage: Sequence Analysis of Korean Nationals Graduating from Stanford. In. Choi, Joon Nak, Yong Suk Lee and Gi-Wook Shin. Beyond the Miracle: Strategic, Policy and Social Innovation for a Post-Industrial Korea (working title). Conference volume under preparation.

C.E. Eesley; Li, Jian Bai. 2013. “Technology Entrepreneurship in China” Handbook of East Asian Entrepreneurship edited by Fu-Lai Tony Yu and Ho-Don Yan, published by Routledge.

C.E. Eesley, D. Hsu, E.B. Roberts, “Bringing Ideas to Life,” 2012. Chapter in IEEE International Recent Advances in Technology and Innovation Management. Wily Publications. Page(s): 40-60. (Conference version. Top paper award)

C.E. Eesley and D.P. Hannah. 2012. Review of: Winds of Change: The Environmental Movement and the Global Development of the Wind Energy Industry. By Ion B. Vasi, Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 57, pp. 359-362.

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Policy reports and Practitioner-Oriented Publications

Eesley, C. (2016, October 3). Online mentorship and teamwork best practices. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. Retrieved February 8, 2017, from (Winner, Schulze Publication Award, 2017).

Lenox, M.; King, A.; Eesley, C.; Mehidi, A. 2014. The Economic Impact of Entrepreneurial Alumni: A Case Study of the University of Virginia. Available at:

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Eesley, Charles E. and Miller, William F., Impact: Stanford University's Economic Impact via Innovation and Entrepreneurship (October , 2012). Available at SSRN: or

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C. Eesley and M. Bikard, 2010. “Exploring the Economic Experiment (II): Hypothesis Testing,” MIT Entrepreneurship Review.

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C.E. Eesley and E.B. Roberts, "Serial Entrepreneurs from MIT (Summary)," Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research: Vol. 26: Iss. 7, Article 4.

Working Papers

Eesley, Charles E. Alumni Surveys as a Data Collection Methodology. Working paper.

Eesley, Charles E. Entrepreneurship and China: History of Policy Reforms and Institutional Development. Working paper.

Professional Service/Affiliations                                                                                        

Faculty Affiliate, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment (2017-2019)

Strategic Management Journal Editorial Board 2014-2017.

Research Committee Member. BPS Division, Academy of Management, 2014-present.

Research Committee Member. TIM Division, Academy of Management, 2014-present.

Research Committee Member. Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management, 2010-2013.

Co-organizer, West Coast Research Symposium (WCRS) Doctoral Consortium 2013-present.

Co-organizer, Stanford SIEPR social science and technology seminar

Ad-hoc Reviewer, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, Research Policy, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Academy of Management Annual Meeting

US Department of State - Global Innovation Through Science and Technology (GIST) Program, instructor

Stanford Center for International Development (SCID) Faculty Affiliate (2014-present)

Professional Memberships and Research Affiliations: Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, INFORMS, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, International Academy of Chinese Management Research

Innovation Growth Lab Network

Stanford Advisor for Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence program, 2012

University Chair, Dissertation Defense of Nathan Bronson, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, May 10, 2010

Co-organizer, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Entrepreneurship Research Bootcamp, July 2009, (with Josh Lerner and Thomas Hellmann)

Co-organizer, MIT Sloan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar, 2007-08

Work Experience                                                          

Board Member -                                                                        2013-current, Director of Partner Development                                                                                       Jan.-Sept. 2014
Online education platform created around my course. I introduced the first VC investor and first customer, started the partner newsletter.

Flagship Ventures – Associate (Venture Capital)                                                                                   2007-2009
Worked with Partners Doug Cole and Ed Kania on new deal flow and due diligence for medical device ventures. 

Lobby 10, LLC – Founder/CEO                                                                                                                2007-2009
Life sciences focused consulting firm, formed the team and brought in projects worth >$75k, clients included Hitachi Life Sciences and the South Korean government.  

Lux Capital – Entrepreneur-in-Residence (Venture Capital)                                                                 2006-2007
Worked with portfolio vaccine company Genocea Biosciences with founder/CEO Rob Paull to recruit and hiring senior scientists. New deal flow/due diligence.

Learning Friends, Co-Founder/CFO                                                                                                    2005 - 2006
Educational software: Woodside, CA

Duke University Center for Health Policy, Law, and Management                                                    2004-2005
Research Assistant to the Director, Dr. Frank Sloan, Professor of Economics         

Duke University Medical Center, Brain Imaging and Analysis Center                                              2002-2004
Research Assistant to Dr. Richard Keefe, Professor of Psychiatry

NeuroCog Trials, Inc. Consultant                                                                                                          2002-2005
Consulted on clinical trials research design and implementation - Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Saegis - Chapel Hill, NC.

Sun Dance Genetics – Founder/CEO                                                                                                   2001-2002
Biotechnology Startup, 1st Prize: Duke Startup Challenge ($50,000)

Teaching Experience                                                                                                            

E145. Technology Entrepreneurship – Also, first MOOC in entrepreneurship on

MS&E 372. Doctoral seminar in Entrepreneurship

MS&E 108. Senior Thesis Project Class

MIT Sloan School of Management 15.024 - Applied Economics for Managers, Sloan Fellows class -Teaching Assistant for Thomas Stoker, Summer 2009.


HKUST. Entrepreneurial Adaption and Social Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on a MOOC Platform. 2019.

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Lowering Entry Barriers (But also Providing Resources): How Governments Spur Funding (with Daniel Armanios)

Effects of Strategic Change on Venture Performance. Early Venture Evolution PDW at AOM, 2016

Institutionalized Choice and Entrepreneurship (with Delin Yang and Xiaocong Tian)

Rice University, 6th Annual Emerging Markets Strategy Conference. "Institutionalized Choice and Entrepreneurship" May, 2016

University of Maryland, Entrepreneurship Conference. Discussant.

Keynote Speaker. Chinese Society for Management of Technology (CSMOT) 25th Anniversary Conference. Joys and Perils of Cross-Boundary Innovation Hsinchu, Taiwan. Nov. 2015.

Keynote Speaker, Inaugural International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Relevant to China. Hosted by Lancaster University and Wuhan University. Wuhan, China, July 9th, 2012.

Keynote Speaker. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. University - Industry Partnerships: MIT and Stanford, May 30th, 2012.

Keynote Speaker. Dominican Republic, Office of Science and Technology. Impact: Stanford University's Economic Impact via Entrepreneurship and Innovation. March 25th, 2013. Santo Domingo, DR.

Eesley, Charles E.; Jamber Li; Delin Yang. Does Institutional Change in Universities Influence High-Tech Entrepreneurship?: Evidence from China’s Project 985

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15th Annual CCC Doctoral Colloquium. Carnegie Mellon. April 11-13th, 2008

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Babson Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (BCERC), June, 2008.

Georgia Tech Roundtable on Engineering and Entrepreneurship Research. Atlanta, GA. Nov. 2007

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a. 15th Annual CCC Doctoral Colloquium. Carnegie Mellon. April 11-13th, 2008

b. PICMET Outstanding Student Paper Award. Cape Town, South Africa, 2008